Team #1245

Louisville, CO

Our History

Our team started in the fall of 2003 originally known as the Regulators. In the ten years since our founding we have undergone a name change and numerous awards. We were finalists in 2012, won the Gracious Professionalism and Website Award in 2010, the Xerox Creativity Award in 2009, the Judges award in 2008, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Bryers Entrepreneurship Award in 2007, and finaly the Woody Flowers Award in 2005. Aside from those we had our very own Katy M. win the Dean's List Award in 2013. Which is always a nice way to celebrate a decade.

Team 1245 - A Humble Start:

Our team name was the Regulators. Our team captains were Jeff McClay, a freshman from Broomfield High, a national battlebot champion and Matt Fries. Jeff gave us $2000 from his winnings from battlebots to get the team going. The challenge for the year was to put rubber "kickball" balls in PVC cages, and then put a larger ball on top. It was a very difficult challenge, so we chose an appropriate name for our robot, "Problem Child". Some people say that it was because of the problems the robot gave us, but others say it was because of the team mascot, Noah (age: 11 at the time) who was a "problem child."