Team #1245

Louisville, CO

Our Outreach

The Shazbots understand the importance of a positive community. We try to make our community a better place by participating in various events. Some of these events are highlighted here.

AAS Conference

Since 2007 our team has attended the American Astronautical Society's annual Guidance and Control Conference in Breckenridge, CO. Each year, we write a technical paper about the previous season’s robot and competition, create an attractive display, and present to approximately 20 local and international aerospace engineering companies. In our presentation, we focus on the technical aspects of the robot, discussing the design process, programming, electrical components, pneumatics, and the strategy behind the structure of the robot. To supplement this, we include descriptions of the FIRST challenge and competitions in which we competed.This conference allows our team to gain experience in presenting to professionals and to gain sponsorship of local companies who are interesting in promoting the education of science and technology at the high school level.

Denver Maker Faire

In 2014 we attended the Denver Maker Faire with RC Dawson and Fairview.

Crop Walk

The Shazbots Team 1245 joined in the Northside Crop Hunger Walk in Broomfield, CO. Here, we took our 2013 robot, raising awareness and helping to raise money for the walk. Our robot received $25 in pledges, and the team won the award for most spirited at the event.

More information about the Crop Walk can be found at:

Shipping Container to Mexico

We worked with other school organizations, Homes of Living Hope, and the community to transform an empty shipping container into a fully functional medical and dental clinic. As we worked on the inside of the container, learning skills such as construction, residential electrical work, and installing solar panels, the Monarch Art Club painted a nice mountain scene on the outside to represent the state it came from. We spent over 100 hours in the spring and summer to renovate the shipping container.

"It was great watching how they questioned, challenged, and reminded each other of the goals and challenges of the project while developing the final design." - Bart Wear, Homes of Living Hope

On November 30, the container was loaded onto a semi­truck and left Monarch to continue its journey to help the impoverished community of San Jose Las Palmas, Mexico. This shipping container will be used daily by hundreds of people in great need and will have a significant impact on their community.

FLL Teams:

FIRST Lego League

Team 1245 is proud to mentor four amazing FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams. FLL is a program that excites students about engineering at an early age. In this program students build small Lego Mindstorms robots to achieve various tasks.

  • Discussing ideas with students
  • Keeping students on task
  • Ensuring a safe and positive environment for students

In addition to mentoring, the Shazbots run the Monarch FLL Qualifying Tournament. This is a team effort and our team does everything refereeing to selling concessions.

Team 17945: The Eldorado Eagles

In the fall of 2013, two Shazbots members, both alumni of Eldorado K-8, worked together in hopes of starting an FLL team at their past school. After meeting with the administration, they were successful, and attracted over 20 kids who worked on the team at one point. The Shazbots further helped by lending NXT bricks for use at the competition, as well as having several members mentor regularly at the school. After their tournament, and during their end of the season party, we also took our 2013 Ultimate Ascent robot to demo and interest them in stick with FIRST.

Monarch Qualifier FLL Tournament

Alongside the FLL Team, the Shazbots have hosted a regional FLL (FIRST Lego League) tournament at Monarch High School for 10 years. Every year up to 30 teams (and growing) gather to compete in the Lego robotics tournament. This year teams of elementary and middle schoolers competed in a Lego simulation of World Class using fully autonomous robots to perform various tasks.